Marshmallow Towers

Marshmallow Towers

Have a go at Amber Race and Christine McGarry's TestBash Circus activity "Marshmallow Towers"

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With Amber Race and Christine McGarry

Amber and Christine designed their activity to compliment their TestBash Philadelphia talks "Crossing Over: How Developing a Feature Made Me Love Testing Even More" and "The Fellowship of the Test: Building a Community Across Agile Teams", respectively. Marshmallow towers does what it says on the tin, it's an awesome and fun activity where groups build marshmallow towers that meet different objectives in a changing environment. 

Amber and Christine's activity card, facilitator instructions, requirement cards and sample requirements for participants are available to download below. You can also ask questions about running this activity, share your experience of taking part or your findings from running this activity over at The Club.

Here are some pictures of the "Marshmallow towers" activity in action:

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