Meet the Team behind mabl

Meet the Team behind mabl

Get to know some of the people from across mabl and how they're involved with product development!

Get to know some of the team behind mabl.  mabl are one of our Annual Partners for 2022, supporting our software testing community.  


A picture of Dan Belcher

Dan Belcher, Co-founder

Dan Belcher (he/him) is co-founder of mabl, the leading intelligent testing platform. He has spent his career building products to make life easier for software teams. Prior to mabl, Dan led the Product Management organization for a portfolio of DevOps tools at Google. He joined Google in 2014 through its acquisition of Stackdriver, a company that he co-founded. Dan spent his early career in product and technical leadership roles at VMware, Sonian, and Microsoft.Twitter LinkedIn.

Gev Hovsepyan, Head of Product

Gev Hovsepyan (he/him) is mabl’s Head of Product, where he leads the expansion of mabl’s low-code test automation platform. An agile advocate with over a decade of experience in software product management, Gev is passionate about democratizing technology through low-code. He’s adept at navigating the many transformations impacting how software is built, tested, and managed, and brings that insight to mabl’s global community of quality engineers.LinkedIn.

Picture of Gev Hovsepyan
A picture of Lauren Clayberg

Lauren Clayberg, Software Engineer

Lauren Clayberg (she/her) is a Software Engineer specializing in machine learning at mabl, where she leads the development of new features such as test ID case tracking and the new url clustering feature. She has a Masters in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science with a concentration in machine learning from MIT, where she also earned her Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering.

She’s very passionate about solving real problems and helping the Agile community. Her favorite projects are those where she can combine creativity with her love for computer science. Her work is driven by teamwork and she loves building tools that make collaboration easier for all Agile teams. LinkedIn.

Damon Paul, Quality Engineer

Damon Paul (they/them) is a Quality Engineer at mabl who loves nothing more than to empower humans with technology and knowledge. With experience as both a Manual QA Specialist and QA Automation Engineer, Damon quickly understands a team’s quality and testing goals, enabling them to guide the organization to solutions and testing practices that work best for their company.LinkedIn.

Picture of Damon Paul
A picture of Darrel Farris

Darrel Farris, Solutions Engineering Manager

Darrel Farris (he/him) is a Solutions Engineering Manager at mabl, a low-code, intelligent test automation solution for quality engineering. As a former Senior Software Engineer in Test, he’s dedicated to helping software development teams at all stages of agile adoption master the tools, techniques, and skills needed to thrive in the new world of software. Prior to mabl, he spent much of his career working across a variety of roles within product delivery, often focused on aspects of quality and testing. His diverse technical experience and upbeat personality make him an engaging, compelling coach with a focus on nurturing good testing practices.Twitter, LinkedIn.


Mabl is the leading intelligent test automation platform built for Agile teams. It’s the only SaaS solution that tightly integrates automated end-to-end testing into the entire development lifecycle. Mabl’s native auto-heal capability evolves tests as the application UI evolves with development, and the comprehensive test results help users quickly and easily resolve bugs before they reach production. 

Creating, executing, and maintaining reliable tests has never been easier. Mabl enables software teams to increase test coverage, speed up development and improve application quality - empowering everyone on the team with the ability to ensure the quality of the applications at every stage.

Creating, executing, and maintaining reliable tests has never been easier. See for yourself by signing up for a trial.

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