Ask Me Anything - Playwright

8th January 2024
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Butch Mayhew

Head of Quality and Reliability

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Will Playwright replace Cypress?
Why choose Playwright over other automation tools?
What are some common misconceptions about Playwright?
How to organize my VS Code project and begin making page classes?
What playwright is and how can it benefit teams?
What problems do you solve with Playwright?
In your opinion what's the most efficient design pattern to use when building a test framework??
What are some strategies for dealing with tests failing due to environmental flakiness?
What are your favorite design patterns to build a Playwright test suite?
Can Playwright be utilized to automate API tests, where data feeds from live are consistently compared with those from the staging environment as part of the testing process?
What are the best practices in Playwright
What is the most compatible computer language that works with Playwright?
For testers without coding experience, is Playwright the right tool or is there a better alternative?
When starting automated e2e tests within a company, would you recommend to directly go for Playwright/Cypress/Selenium?
How do you approach debugging playwright tests in ci/cd pipelines?
Is it a good idea to add BDD (Cucumber) into Playwright?
Is there a programming language that a person should know to use Playwright?
Will Playwright replace Selenium completely?
What IDE do you use for Playwright?

Experience the vast insights from our Ask Me Anything with Butch Mayhew on the innovative automation tool, Playwright. Butch, a test automation expert, shares his deep knowledge of Playwright, addressing the community's most pressing questions and exploring this powerful tool's potential in testing.

With Butch as your guru, embark on a journey to understand the depths of Playwright, from its fundamental principles to its application in real-world scenarios. Learn about the challenges and effective strategies in implementing Playwright, understand its role in enhancing product quality, and discover how it fosters team collaboration. Butch provides valuable tips for both seasoned testers and beginners, emphasizing communication within development teams. 

Watch this AMA recording to deepen your understanding of Playwright and revolutionise your approach to test automation.

Butch Mayhew's profile'

Butch Mayhew

Head of Quality and Reliability

Butch Mayhew is the Head of Quality and Reliability at Tilled, who loves finding more efficient ways to complete tasks. This played out in two major areas within his organization; test strategies that focus on deep exploratory feature testing, and creating test automation frameworks that have identified over 150 defects in his test environments. While he isn't busy automating the next boring task, you can find him at the disc golf course during the day or streaming video games for his kids to watch at night!
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