ReTestBash UK 2022: Live Q&A with Clare Norman

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Clare Norman

Quality Assurance Analyst

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Clare Norman joined us at ReTestBash UK 2022 for a live Q&A session after her talk Quality Coaching: Level 1 and we had some very interesting questions and answers.

All resources, answered and unanswered questions were added to this Club Thread.

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Clare Norman

Quality Assurance Analyst

I am a colourful tester based in beautiful North Wales. I fell into testing around 5 years ago and I've never looked back. I love the blend of logic and creativity required. I love to make sketchnotes of the talks I listen to within the testing community as a way of bringing some colour into testing. I love the human aspect of testing. In particular I love reading about psychology and working to understand how people use software. I'm currently the sole tester in my company and experimenting with some aspects of quality coaching has allowed me to have a bigger impact on quality than testing alone.
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