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10th January 2023
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Hilary Weaver

Sr. Quality Engineer

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API test automation for beginners - where to start, what to keep in mind before deciding on a tool, framework and/or language?
I work on a project where a web app is already developed. I'd like to make API tests. Could you please describe in general steps you take in this case?
What do you think should be tested in API test automation - only the response, also the data basis modifications, other things?
Could you please share if you have any special API checks which were discovered while testing or after missing a bug?
How would you approach exploratory API testing?
How to start API testing and which manual testing tool is best?
My dev team already covers API's with unit tests, so what test do you suggest to a dedicated automation team to implement?
I have been through several API training courses and they all basically show how to structure API tests. I would like to know how to structure tests for a completed graph QL API?
What is the difference between API and What is the difference between API and microservices?
How do we build a framework which is scaleable?
When developing an API for internal use only, what quality aspects would you prioritise and how would this differ from what you would prioritise for a more public API?
What is the difference between SOAP and REST requests?
How do you differentiate testing a monolith API from a microservice API?
What was your thoughts on the VOAS API top ten - is that a good model to follow when testing API's?
How would you help a colleague to understand and learn about API testing when working remotely?
What are the benefits of API testing when compared to UI or unit testing?
Would you prioritise API performance testing over UI performance testing?
How do you track and report test coverage?er Title
Our host Vernon Richards was joined by Hilary Weaver to answer all your questions
We interact with APIs every day in multiple ways, whether we are aware or not. They power everything we use, from your favorite social network, to the app you can't live without on your phone, to the applications that we test every day. As a tester, I was tasked with focusing on the front end of the applications I was testing for much of my career. Then I found out about the APIs running the applications, and dug into testing those and found a whole new world of testing! They house a lot of the business logic that runs the applications, and testing them is a lot easier to do than you may think. Every tester should dip their toe into the API testing world, and discover the ways it can help you test your applications!

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Hilary Weaver's profile'

Hilary Weaver

Sr. Quality Engineer

Hilary Weaver is a Sr. Quality Engineer near Detroit. She is a mentor to her fellow testers, makes friends with developers, and focuses a lot on API testing, and diving into the code as a tester. Hilary has always been passionate about improving the relationships between developers and testers, and evangelizes software testing as a rewarding, viable career. She runs the Motor City Software Testers user group, working to build a community of quality advocates. Hilary tweets (a lot) as @g33klady, and you can find her thoughts and experiences in the testing world, at g33klady.com.
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