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10th January 2023
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Who is involved in the dev ops process, who should testers be collaborating with?
How to shorten feedback loops, or get fast feedback?
How does manual testing fit with dev ops?
Is dev ops possible without automation?
Where do you see things like accessibly testing fitting into a dev ops setting?
What is your approach for not testing since dev ops speed or reducing testing time?
What would be the first step of a tester in dev ops?
What do you see as the main blockers to companies adopting a dev ops culture?
ChapWhy do you believe so many companies still persist with the dev ops team anti-pattern?ter Title
Our host Vernon Richards was joined by  Noah Sussman to answer all the community's questions about DevOps.

"DevOps" is a word coined as a portmanteau of the phrase "Dev and Ops Cooperation at Flickr" which was the title of the 2009 conference talk which revealed that the Flickr team had built a groundbreaking photo-sharing app by putting code into production continuously, with much more telemetry and much less pre-release testing than was thought necessary at the time.

The insight at the heart of DevOps is that risk for online services should be handled differently than historical software models suggest. Although a decade has gone by, DevOps practices have barely begun to make their full impact on the tech industry; because deep insights take a long time to sink in! Watch this AMA to discover what the community wanted to uncover about DevOps.

Get involved in the community discussion over at The Club where Noah continued to answer questions and share useful resources!

This AMA is kindly sponsored by Sauce Labs. Join us for SauceCon 2020 April 27-29 in Austin, where teams from around the world learn from each other and level up their automated testing and continuous delivery skills. See why TechBeacon has named SauceCon to their list of "the best software QA and testing conferences of 2020."
Noah Sussman's profile'

Noah Sussman

Noah Sussman is an industrial scientist who studies how people and computers relate to each other. After a decade of developing eCommerce interactive experiences, Noah grew increasingly interested in approaches to scaling Web applications. In particular his approach to scaling CI systems has a history of repeated success.

He is also noted for designing innovative test architectures for The SAT Test, Etsy and Barnes & Noble. He works at Teachers Pay Teachers: the world's largest educational marketplace, where he continues to push the envelope on continuous deployment praxis and tools.

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