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10th January 2023
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Sahar Khoshraveshan

Senior Product Manager

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What is a quality coach and why do teams and businesses need them?
How do you become a quality coach in the first place?
What's the difference between being a quality engineer and a quality coach role?
What kind of team compositions are most suitable for setting a quality coach role?
Are there any team structures where a quality coach wouldn't work?
What are the basics and principles of coaching that QA leads need to learn to apply step by step in their QA team?
How did you go about learning how to be a quality coach?
How do you convince PM's to start worrying about QA?
Where to start with Quality Coaching? What would be the first three action items?
Our host Vernon Richards was joined by Sahar Khoshraveshan to answer all your questions
Sahar shared her experience in quality assistance and quality coaching, the challenges and also the rewards.  She enlightened us with answers to who are the quality coaches? why is this position fuzzy? Have you experienced a situation in which you needed to justify your existence in the team?

Get involved in the community discussion over at The Club where Sahar continued to answer questions and share useful resources!

This Testing Ask Me Anything was sponsored by BrowserStack. 
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Sahar Khoshraveshan's profile'

Sahar Khoshraveshan

Senior Product Manager

Highly professional, collaborative, driven and creative product manager. Focused on quality, customer satisfaction and targets, delivering mission-critical and technically innovative solutions on time and within budget. Excellent multi-tasker and thrive in a fast-paced environment, with an eye for detail, initiative, flexibility and ability to motivate other team members. Liaised with clients, stakeholders, and product engineers throughout the complete development life cycle, including detailed product specification reviews, test planning, execution, reporting issues and follow-up.
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