Introduction To Accessibility Testing

Learn with me about what Accessibility is, why it's important to test for and how to get your team started with an Accessibility testing mindset

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  • Understand what accessibility is
  • Identify the importance of accessibility testing
  • Understand what the course will cover
  • Reflect on whether learning about accessibility could enhance your testing
What Is Accessibility Testing?
  • Discover what accessibility testing is
  • Illustrate examples of digital accessibility
  • Interpret official accessibility definitions
Types Of Disability And Their Effect On Digital Access
  • Name different types of disabilities
  • Distinguish different technologies used for accessibility purposes
How Is Accessibility Measured?
  • Interpret the WCAG guidelines and its 3 levels of success criteria
Why Improve Accessibility?
  • Discover the benefits of improving accessibility for all users
  • Summarise reasons why improving accessibility can also improve SEO
  • Identify the increased market opportunities when improving accessibility
Consequences Of Not Meeting Accessibility Standards
  • Compare UK and US implications of not meeting standards
  • Identify different accessibility risks
Going Forward
  • Reflect and evaluate on learnings of previous lessons
  • Build upon foundation knowledge acquired in this course
  • Practise accessibility testing skills using accessibility tools
  • Devise a plan to help promote accessibility in your team

This course will open your eyes to the accessibility element of testing – a high level overview of what this means through the theory side, with real life examples of the challenges we can help people with disabilities to overcome and how we can really change people’s lives. Accessibility is a very important area of testing which is not as challenging as you may fear - why not give it a go and see how many people’s lives you could help change. You’ll learn what accessibility means and the challenges some people face when using websites and applications, but how to assess these challenges and ways to fix them, as well as methods for encouraging your company to resolve some of these obstacles.

Join Deborah Reid as she takes you through starting your Accessibility Testing journey.

No prior knowledge on the topic is needed nor any other courses completed before commencing.

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