UI Automation Challenge

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Challenge Description

For this challenge, we’ll be using restful-booker-platform which can be found here: https://automationintesting.online/ to see how you might go ahead with automating the UI layer using different tools. We’d like to see how far you got with solving the challenge, what you liked about the tooling you used, and what you disliked.


Using a UI automation tool that you think the community would be interested in, show us how you would mitigate the following risk:

An admin user is unable to see and read the message in the admin portal

If you had to build UI automation to check that messages can be seen and read, how would you do it?


One example of mitigating this risk might be to use SeleniumWebdriver to:

  1. Open a browser and navigate to https://automationintesting.online/
  2. Complete the Contact Us form
  3. Log into the admin panel found at Restful-booker-platform demo
  4. Access the created message in Restful-booker-platform demo
  5. Assert the contents of the message match the details filled in the Contact Us form
What you’ll learn
  • Demonstrate a UI automation testing tool


Community Solutions

UI Challenge - LambdaTest

Sparsh Kesari

0h 8m 39s

Go Pro

UI Challenge - José Carréra using Puppeteer

Jose Carrera

0h 20m 12s

Go Pro

UI Challenge - Andrew Graham using Cypress

Andrew Graham

0h 19m 23s

Go Pro

UI Challenge - Steven Mason using TestProject

Steven Mason

0h 17m 54s

Go Pro

UI Challenge - Viv Richards using DevTools

Viv Richards

0h 19m 42s

Go Pro

UI Challenge - Gleb Bahmutov using Cypress

Gleb Bahmutov

0h 15m 6s

Go Pro

UI Challenge - Ian Cowin using SpecFlow and Selenium

Ian Cowin

0h 14m 26s

Go Pro

UI Challenge - Functionize

Jenna Charlton

0h 19m 59s

Go Pro

UI Challenge - David Burns using Nightwatch.js

David Burns

0h 9m 16s

Go Pro

UI Challenge - Marie Drake using K6

Marie Cruz

0h 15m 15s

Go Pro

UI Challenge - Prashant Bellad using Cypress

Prashant Bellad

0h 15m 16s

Go Pro

UI Challenge - Geosley Andrades using ACCELQ

Geosley Andrades

0h 10m 54s

Go Pro

UI Challenge - Anton Yakutovich using Playwright

Anton Yakutovich

0h 19m 41s

Go Pro

UI Challenge - Paul Grossman using TestRigor

Paul Grossman

0h 19m 19s

Go Pro
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