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Challenge Description

There are lots of tools out there that we can use to create or fake test data. That’s why in this challenge we want to see demonstrations of tools that allow us to set up test data for testing purposes. We’d like to see how far you got with solving the challenge, what you liked about the tooling you used, and what you disliked.


Using a tool of your choice that you think the community would be interested in, show us how you would mitigate the following problem:

Creating test data manually is taking too long and slowing the team down

If you had to rapidly create test data in an environment, how would you do it? Would you use an existing tool or build your own?


One example of mitigating this risk might be to find:

  1. Find the seed.sql files in the project
  2. Duplicate the INSERT SQL statement multiple times and then build the application to get it running with lots of new test data

Tip: You’ll find more opportunities to manage test data if you have restful-booker-platform running locally on your machine.

Also, check out the Postman collection for Restful-Booker-Platform to get started with its APIs Postman

What you’ll learn
  • Demonstrate how to manage state in an application using automation


Community Solutions

Data Management Challenge - Carlos Kidman using

Carlos Kidman

0h 9m 29s

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Data Management Challenge - Butch Mayhew using Playwright.

Butch Mayhew

0h 41m 52s

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Data Management Challenge - Bob Salmon using SQLServer Studio and Visual Studio

Bob Salmon

0h 20m 21s

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Data Management Challenge - José Carréra using Insomnia

Jose Carrera

0h 13m 38s

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Data Management Challenge - Paul Grossman using TestRigor

Paul Grossman

0h 9m s

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Data Management Challenge - Ioan Solderea using Mockaroo

Ioan Solderea

0h 12m 18s

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Data Management Challenge - Ivan Karaman using SQL and JavaScript

Ivan Karaman

0h 8m 21s

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