Start A New Habit

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Alex Reynolds

Quality Engineering Community Lead at Lloyds Bank

Challenge Description

The first step into defining new behavior and habit is to understand where we are now and have a clear view of the present moment. The Habit Map is a perfect way of identifying our regular habits, and the likely actions we are to take through the course of the day. By understanding this it allows for a clearer intention to be set for a new habit, one that is more realistic, bounded by data and more likely to be achieved.


Identify (10 mins)

Discuss as a group the habits you would like to start, this could range from learning, to starting a new hobby, introducing a new mechanism at work, or ensuring time for self care.

Map (15 mins)

Create a Habit map of existing habits, identifying those that are value add activities and those that are waste activities and the impact they have on cognitive load.

Set an intention (5 mins)

Define an intention for your new behavior and share with the group showing what you have learned about your habits and what you hope to gain from this new one.

What you’ll learn
  • Use habit mapping to identify behaviour patterns to build upon


This activity is best carried out as a group


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