Mobile Automation - Automation Week

Tuesday, 20th October 2020
Richard Bradshaw
Richard Bradshaw



The application for this challenge is the Sauce Labs Swaglabs App… More about the application is available here. You can also ask questions related to the application there.

The Challenges:

Complete these challenges using any tooling of your choice, and on iOS, Android or both!


Open the Swaglabs App, login to the application, and assert you are logged in.


Open the Swaglabs App, add the ‘Sauce Labs Onesie’ to your cart using the buttons and complete the checkout process. Assert the order was successful.


Open the Swaglabs App, add the ‘Test.allTheThings() Red T-shirt’ to the shopping cart using the Drag and Drop mechanism, then complete the checkout process and assert it was successful.


Test Pinch and Zoom on a product page.

Learning Outcomes

  • Practice automating on mobile


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