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AI-powered software testing automation platform
Autify is a codeless software automation testing platform that creates, manages, executes and reports on tests with self-healing AI. Our mission is to enhance people’s creativity through technology. 
Our platform is:
  • AI- based self-maintenance. AI detects code changes and suggests scenario fix.
  • No coding required. Just pressing the record button and interacting with your web application. 
  • Central dashboard. Manage test scenarios at the one central dashboard.
  • Cross browser testing. Easy to set up multiple browsers on multiple OSs including mobiles for running test scenarios. 
  • Data driven testing. You can run tests with multiple data for one scenario.
  • Email Testing. You can test transactional emails as well as a marketing email delivery.
  • Native Mobile App Testing. Visual Regression Testing, Terminal Operation, API, Cross-device Testing, Parallel Execution and Service Integration. 



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TestBash World Black Belt Sponsor 2022