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Ranorex empowers software teams with comprehensive test automation tools that can handle even the most challenging user interfaces.

Choose Ranorex Studio for all-in-one test automation across desktop, web and mobile devices. Test automation experts can use Ranorex Studio’s full IDE, with its open APIs and tools for intelligent code completion, refactoring, debugging and more. Automation novices can use Ranorex Studio’s capture-and-replay tools and built-in methodology to rapidly build reliable, maintainable tests while expanding their automation skills. All members of cross-functional teams can collaborate on solutions by sharing reusable object repositories and test automation modules. Ranorex Studio includes built-in Selenium WebDriver integration for scalable cross-browser testing: Execute tests in parallel, on a Selenium Grid or using a cloud platform. Perform data-driven testing with CSV files, Excel files, or SQL data connectors. Ranorex Studio integrates with Jira, Jenkins, TFS, Git, TestRail and many more

Choose Ranorex Webtestit for an IDE optimized for building web tests in Java and Typescript, cross-browser testing on Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android. Ranorex Webtestit manages the tedious setup process, including scaffolding the test framework and downloading the necessary browser drivers. It automatically applies recognized best practices, creates boilerplate code and offers intelligent test-specific code completion. In addition, it generates native Selenium or Protractor code, uses the Page Object pattern to structure test code, and works hand-in-hand with the free Ranorex Selocity tool to generate smart selectors.




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Annual Partner 2022

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