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Selenium 4 Integrations with Rhett Devlin
Learn about the Selenium 4 integrations with Ranorex
Test Case Review and Approvals with Heather Vercillo
Learn how TestRail facilitates a streamlined test case review and approval process for enterprise teams.
Test Ideas Unite: Your Weekly Testing News - Issue 454
15 Jan 2024
How do you spark new test ideas? Read a roundup of news and ideas from the testing community in this week's newsletter.
Win a Pro Membership for a year! Thanks to TestRail
First Pro Competition of the Year! Start your learning year off with a bang
The FAST approach for TestBash, our software testing conference
It takes a village to create a conference
Automating Your Test Cases with Allure Testops
Learn how to easily automate your tests with Allure Testops
Where Am I And Where Is My Test Data? Enhancing Testability Of Location Services
Uncover the challenges and strategies for testing mobile applications that use location services
Ask Me Anything - Playwright
Dive into the world of advanced automation with Playwright
How to Overcome Common Challenges in Exploratory Testing
Discover possible challenge, how you can overcome them and make your exploratory testing process flow seamlessly
Year of AI: Your Weekly Testing News - Issue 453
08 Jan 2024
What does 2024 have in store for you? Find out what's been happening in the testing community and join testing events to support your career growth. All in this week's newsletter.
Testing in Regulated Industries with TestRail
Gain deeper insight on testing strategy and considerations for regulated industries
Making Your Presentations More Accessible
Discover practical tips for crafting accessible presentations that resonate with every audience member
Embracing the Future: Navigating the Next Frontier of Testing with AI and LambdaTest
Demystify the transformative role of AI in testing and witness how LambdaTest is sculpting the future of this evolution
Launchable Demo
Launchable Test Failure Intelligence and Optimization
5 Ways to Foster a Culture of Quality in a DevOps World
Sam shares the five most common ways customers are building a culture of quality among their teams that enables them to keep up with the rapid pace of development.
Qase Demo
Qase, a modern task management platform streamlining testing workflows, ensuring bug-free releases through centralized artifact management.
99-Second Talks
At TestBash Autumn 2023
Feature Spotlight: Bug Magnet
Learn about Bug Magnet
Feature Spotlight: TestNG + Slack
Learn about TestNG + Slack
What Agile Testing is NOT
Chris Faraglia clears up some common misconceptions about agile testing and gives advice to help your QA team deploy more stable releases, faster.
Feature Spotlight: Variables in SpecFlow
Learn about the variables in SpecFlow
Feature Spotlight: Selenium Grid
Learn about Selenium Grid
Discussion: The "Whens" and "Whys" of Automation
This discussion covers frameworks, ROI, pitfalls, retiring tests, security tools, and essential learning considerations.
Feature Spotlight: Setting up Bindings in SpecFlow
Learn how to set up bindings in SpecFlow
Feature Spotlight: Keploy Data Mock Generation
Learn about Keploy Data Mock Generation
Ask Me Anything: Artificial Intelligence in Testing
Watch this fantastic session on the impacts of AI in Testing
Feature Spotlight: Keploy Test Case
Learn about Keploy Test Case
How Guild Education Automates
Melissa shares approaches and tools they used to overcome challenges
Feature Spotlight: Using Checklist with Yattie
Learn how to use checklist with Yattie
Feature Spotlight: Cypress Recorder
Learn about Cypress Recorder