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We’re looking for articles on a wide range of topics on Software testing from different authors.

Examples could include:

  • Experience reports that share something you learnt that could be of value to others
  • A step by step guide to setting up a framework or tool
  • A case study on testing and testing techniques

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We pay £150 for each article which translates into a choice of:

  • Pro Subscription to Dojo (6 months)
  • £150 to the Author
  • £150 to the scholarship fund

Payment is made after your article has been published. You can learn more about our publishing policy in our help guides.


As stated in our publishing policy, we only accept new articles. I’m afraid we cannot republish existing work. We are not accepting agency work, promotional material or sponsored posts of any kind.

How to submit:

To submit your idea, complete our write for us form with a link to a Google Document that contains either an article outline or a draft article.

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Mark Winteringham
By Mark Winteringham

Tester, Toolsmith, Author and Instructor