Be Wise, Do Pairwise

Be Wise, Do PairWise: A Method To Reduce Test Combinations

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Combinatorial Complexity And Its Effect On Software Testing
  • Understand how to use Pairwise Testing methodology in your day-to-day work
Introduction To Pairwise Testing
  • Highlight other methods for combinations reduction and why pairwise is optimal
Challenges In Manually Calculating Pairwise Test Combinations And The Need For Automation
  • Explain why automation of generation of Pairwise testing combinations is essential
Automation Of Pairwise Testing
  • Locate a tool that can be used for automation of Pairwise Testing

How many times have you been overwhelmed by the no. of test combinations that you need to consider? I’m sure there would be plenty!  From the beginner testers racking their brains to bring every combination to book while they are testing a web application, to an experienced tester testing a server’s features involving hundreds of parameters, we have all been through that, yet, many times, we don’t slow down to do some optimizations that will reduce the number of combinations very significantly.

Pairwise testing is a simple, straight-forward, and an effective way of reducing the number of combinations.  In this course, we will go through the details of what pairwise testing is, how it reduces the number of test combinations, a few examples to illustrate its effectiveness, the common mistakes we make while applying pairwise testing and how to avoid them, and the various options of automating pairwise testing to eliminate the manual cumbersome process.

Any experience with test planning will help you with this course in terms of planning out your combinations.

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