Essentials - Introduction to Software Development and Testing

Start your journey into software development and testing by learning what it's all about

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What Is Software Development?
  • Define what software development is
  • Identify different technology stacks and domains that a team might deliver
How Does a Team Make Software?
  • Illustrate common Software Development life cycles
  • Define what a Software Development life cycle is
  • Summarise common activities that take place within software development life cycles
Who Works in a Software Development Team?
  • List the common roles that can be found in a software development team
  • Research activities and skills for each common role

Welcome to the Introduction to Software Development and Testing course, part of the Ministry of Testing's Essentials online learning pathway.

Starting out in software testing can be challenging; not only do you need to learn the necessary skills and knowledge to be a tester but you also need to understand how this fits into the wider context of software development. There are many processes, activities and roles to get to grips with and that’s what this course will help you with.

This course gives you an introduction to both software development and testing and it aims to provide meaning and context to industry-specific terms that can act as a barrier to those just getting started. Throughout the course, you'll gain a grounding in the purpose of software testing and the skills and knowledge you'll need to succeed as a tester. This course offers you a solid starting point for your learning journey into testing.

This course is designed for new starters in testing which means no prerequisite skills or knowledge is required.

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