Discussion: Exploratory Testing

10th January 2023
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Understanding Exploratory Testing
Challenges of Setting Up Exploratory Tests
Approaching New ET Requests
Preparation and Approaching a New ET Test
Notable Bugs Found in Exploratory Tests
Moderation and Best Practices
Challenges in Moderating Bug Reports
Post-Testing Process
Presenting Bugs to Customers
Dealing with a Long List of Known Issues
Strategies for Handling Duplicate Bugs
Approaching a Narrow Scope Test
Challenges of Testing New Products
Moderation Process for New Projects

Global App Testing has over 40,000 testers across its network. Unlock the secrets to effective exploratory testing with our insightful panel discussion, featuring a mix of testers from Global App Testing. Panellists reveal how to navigate risks, adopt best practices, and tell unforgettable stories from the front lines of testing. They share their extensive experience in managing complex projects, offering both tester and manager perspectives on achieving successful outcomes. From test setup to execution, discover the keys to uncovering crucial bugs and enhancing your testing approach. Watch to discover the core of exploratory testing and elevate your skills today.

Global App Testing's profile'

Global App Testing

Global App Testing helps augment QA resources and provides teams with flexibility and a scalable solution to provide them with 100% confidence when they release so they can deliver quality at speed.
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