Discussion: Mobile Testing

10th January 2023
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Piotr Wicherski's profile
Piotr Wicherski

Expert Mobile QA Engineer

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Julia Pottinger

Head of Training and Development at QualityWorks

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Vikrant Maniar

Engineering Manager, Quality and Automation

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In this online session, our host, Laveena Ramchandani, a software testing leader herself, was joined by three other experts who answered questions from the community on mobile testing.

Our three panel experts are :

  1. Piotr Wicherski is an Expert Mobile QA Engineer in Warsaw, Poland. Piotr has 13 years of expertise in Mobile technologies and has done more than 50 talks and workshops throughout his career.
  2. Julia Pottinger is a Head of Training and Development, a YouTuber, Instructor and Blogger from Kingston, Jamaica, Julia isĀ passionate about sharing her knowledge and experience with the testing community. Julia has written and done a lot of researchĀ on Mobile Testing.
  3. Vikrant Maniar is currently an Engineering Manager of quality and automation for all client platforms, in San Francisco, USA.Ā Vikrant has great experience inĀ leading test automation and release efforts for iOS and Android mobile apps, responsible for everything and anything that touches mobile apps.Ā 

This discussion is a goldmine for anyone interested in getting better at testing mobile apps. They share their own paths in the field, offer up practical tips on making testing more efficient, and even talk about some of the quirkiest bugs they've encountered.

The conversation covers how mobile testing is different from web testing, highlighting the unique challenges and how to tackle them. You'll hear about their favourite tools for speeding up testing processes and get insights into how advancements like AI are set to shake up mobile testing.

This discussion is perfect for anyone eager to dive deeper into mobile testing. It features real stories and advice from pros in the industry, making it a great way to learn and get inspired about the future of mobile testing.

Piotr Wicherski's profile'

Piotr Wicherski

Expert Mobile QA Engineer

Expert Mobile QA Engineer at UEFA. 14+ years of expertise in Mobile technologies. Co-author of ISTQB MAT - Mobile Application Testing. Done more than 50 talks and workshops around Mobile QA. Speaker, conference organizer and university lecturer for mobile applications testing.
Julia Pottinger's profile'

Julia Pottinger

Head of Training and Development at QualityWorks

Julia Pottinger is the Head of Training and Development at QualityWorks with expertise in manual, automated and API testing and training which has helped companies enhance the quality of their software through improved test coverage, faster time to market, increased process efficiency and optimized use of resources.

Julia is passionate about sharing her knowledge and experience and contributes to the testing community through writing articles, and delivering testing content on Test Automation University as well as her Youtube Channel and blog. She also conducts testing bootcamps for persons interested in entering the field of QA.


Youtube Channel

Blog Website

Vikrant Maniar's profile'

Vikrant Maniar

Engineering Manager, Quality and Automation

I like automating stuff and reducing toil. I am driven by a passion to help accelerate the speed to market for ideas. Like to fail fast and learn from mistakes to iteratively improve. I work at Pinterest with an extraordinarily talented group of individuals and leaders.
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