Discussion: Test Leadership/Management

10th January 2023
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Karime Salomon's profile
Karime Salomon

Director, Quality Engineering

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Scott Kenyon

Freelance Digital Delivery Trainer

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Jerry Headley

Senior Quality Assurance Automation Engineer at Walkers Global LLP

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Join this illuminating panel discussion with experienced test leaders who explore the intricacies of effective test strategies and leadership in software testing. This session offers you an opportunity to uncover actionable insights and practical advice for honing your testing expertise to be able to embrace leadership roles. From mastering test strategy development to navigating career progression, our experts share their valuable experiences and tips. Ideal for those eager to advance their skills and step into leadership positions, this discussion promises to enrich your understanding and guide you toward leadership success.




Karime Salomon's profile'

Karime Salomon

Director, Quality Engineering

Engineering leader driving a culture of transparency, ownership, collaboration, accountability and quality through agile methodologies and automation.
Scott Kenyon's profile'

Scott Kenyon

Freelance Digital Delivery Trainer

My name is Scott , I have been part of the testing community for many years focusing on communication and neurodiversity in testing. being diverse myself i bring a different perspective on my own testing I strongly believe in collaborative methods and using different thought techniques and people's perspectives to look at things from many angles. Communication is about the influence and impact we can have on others through testing and how we talk about it. I now coach and teach testing and digital management to lots of people across the full spectrum of software delivery. I have pioneered and developed the use of Charters across the digital workspace to enable clean and efficient ways of working.
Jerry Headley's profile'

Jerry Headley

Senior Quality Assurance Automation Engineer at Walkers Global LLP

21 years of being a Quality and Test Advocate......Father and Grandfather......Likes watching sport more than participating..
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