A Road to Awesomeness – Huib Schoots

A Road to Awesomeness – Huib Schoots


New to testing? Looking improve your testing skills? Recently discovered the testing community and wondering what we’ve been talking about all this time? Well, this talk is for you then!

Huib is awesome. Well, he thinks he is. Others do to though, based on the popularity of his popular blogpost “Heuristics for recognizing professional testers”. In this talk, Huib will share his view on what an awesome tester is, based on that blogpost.

How did Huib become an awesome tester? What does he know that we may not. What skills has he learnt over his career, that we are perhaps yet to. What characteristics has he identified in himself and other awesome testers? Huib is going to share his personal learning journey with us. Offering us his map into the world of learning software testing, a detailed comprehensive map. Huib will walk us through his map expanding on why his map contains this area, key concepts to grasp in this area, how he cut his path through this area, sharing with us who and what helped him.

As a coach and trainer, Huib has coached and trained many software testers in his career. Over this time he has collated a huge list of useful resources, including books, blogs, videos and some great communities. Huib will equip you with them all, giving you all he has to offer, preparing you as best he can for your journey, be it at the start, or a new chapter. It just leaves one question, what does your map look like?