Creating a Culture of Quality Assurance - Angela Riggs
Angela R

Creating a Culture of Quality Assurance - Angela Riggs


Quality Assurance isn’t just a set of tools or processes - it’s a mindset, and a culture that the whole company has to accept and be involved in before quality assurance can be implemented and upheld.

I’ll offer ways that QA Engineers can begin introducing quality assurance to their engineering teams, as well as recommendations for communication and onboarding, and methods for getting engineering buy-in to new tools or processes. These include:

  • Communicating “why” and “how” to your engineering teams before implementing change
  • Lowering the barrier of entry to using new tools, such as setting up Makefiles or bash scripts
  • Pairing with engineers to help them ramp up on new processes


These methods of communication, change management, and mindful iteration will allow you to build trust around the purpose of quality assurance - most importantly that its intent is complementary, not competitive. That trust will help your engineering teams accept and embrace the mindset and culture of quality assurance.

I want the audience to come away from my talk feeling comfortable introducing and iterating quality assurance to their engineering teams - how to communicate the needs and purpose of QA, how to ramp up engineers using the tools and systems, and how to help create the mindset of quality in their teams.