Testers' Island Discs Ep 10 - Shey Crompton


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It's all back to Neil's, as he's joined by a fellow tester and local neighbourhood resident Shey Crompton, to discuss Shey's experiences with the worlds of contracting and consulting.

There are tales of dealing with the challenges of working independently, surviving a long commute, tips on how to lead effectively when you're parachuted-in to an organisation, and some rock/dance tracks which span the decades and continents. There's also a piece of Testers' Island Discs history, as we get the first song to have been picked by two different guests!

To get in touch with Shey, he can be found on @SheyMouse, LinkedIn, and the same username across all the MoT forums/Slacks.

Shey's Links:
Meetup.com: Agile Testing (for London Tester Gathering events)
Software Testing Clinic
Lifelong Pub Run blog
Visit St Neots
Southern Railway
YouTube: The scene from House which Shey mentions
SkillsYouNeed: Active Listening

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