99 Minute Workshop

Approval Testing

with Emily Bache

What You'll Learn

By the end of this workshop you'll be able to:

  • Use a diff tool to evaluate approval test failures and approve new results when appropriate.
  • Use the Approvals framework to write test cases for existing code where a Printer already exists.
  • Compare Approval testing with assertion-based testing and explain in which situations it has advantages.
  • Describe Text-based and Pixel-based approaches.
  • Describe the characteristics of Approval Testing.

About This Workshop

Approval Testing is an automation technique that can be more effective than traditional assertion-based test automation. For example when:
  • The expected result is hard to calculate in advance, but easy to verify afterwards.
  • The expected result has many aspects and details which are a lot of work to assert individually.
  • You want to get high regression test coverage for existing code relatively quickly.
In this course you will learn about text-based approval testing using the tool “Approvals”. (We’ll use the Java version but it is also available in other languages such as C#, Python and C++).

This workshop has been designed to be attended live. If you can’t make the scheduled time, it will stay available to replay in CrowdCast for 7 days. To get the most out of it, we highly recommend you attend it live!

Your Instructor

Emily Bache

Emily Bache

Technical Agile Coach

Emily is a long-term proponent of agile development practices like Test-Driven Development, and is one of the pioneers of the professional developer teaching forum called ”Coding Dojo”. Emily is an author with Pluralsight, a contributor to the book “97 things every Java programmer should know”, and a regular conference speaker.

What are 99 Minute Workshops?

  • Instructor-led
  • Short
  • Targeted
  • Outcomes-based
  • Learn live with others
  • Convenient
  • Included in Pro

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