Community Thoughts - What Does Someone in Automation Do?

Help us analyse the tasks SDETs or Automators carry out as part of their role
12:00 - 13:00 GMT
Location: Online

As part of our work on creating an authentic, open-source SDET curriculum, we want to hear from the testing community once again. 

During this event, we will analyse all the tasks an SDET is responsible for as identified by the community.

We'll be looking to learn:

  • What steps you need to take to complete each task?
  • What skills and knowledge you need to complete each task?
  • How frequently do you complete them?
  • How important or difficult are they? etc.

All this information will be integral in deciding what content ends up in the curriculum and in creating content that supports the next generation of SDETs in fulfilling their roles.

So if you are someone who works in the automation space, please join us to share with us what you're responsible for doing in your team and help us create the future of training in testing.