Introduction To API Contract Testing With Pact

Learn how Contract testing with Pact can improve the integrations between APIs



99 Minute Workshop



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What's Being Covered

Learning outcomes Lewis will cover

After this event you should be able to do the following:

  • Understand what contract testing is
  • Identify key differences between contract tests and integration tests
  • Run simple consumer driven contract test
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Meet Your Speaker

Lewis Prescott

I'm an experienced Software Developer in Test. Working in UI, API, Contract and Unit Testing using frameworks such as Cypress, NUnit, RestSharp, Supertest and Jest. Working for clients such as ASOS, Zava and Cancer Research UK. My approach is to pair with developers using tech stacks .Net Core, React, Azure.

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Want to take your API testing to the next level? Want to deploy micro-services with more confidence and move to continuous deployment? Then you are in the right place, contract testing is for you.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Are your integration tests slow and provide feedback too late causing delays to your release?
  2. Do your integration tests fail due to environment and data issues?
  3. Does changes to other teams API service cause your tests to fail?

Some of the benefits you can gain from contract testing:

  1. Run your API contracts before an integration environment is available.
  2. Run your API contracts in your pipeline as part of the build.
  3. Involve developers in your API testing with API Contract testing

In this session you will learn the fundamentals of contract testing as well as how to implement consumer driven contract testing with Pact & Pactflow. Contract testing can be applied to API or messaging services, allowing you to test any integration point in isolation ( This technique is ideal for delivering services within a microservice architecture confidently, for example an API client communicating with a web front-end.

Introduce API contract testing to your test suite to:

  • Open communication between siloed microservices
  • Faster feedback from API changes - Less interruption from integration issues
  • Visualise consumer led scenarios of how they use the API
  • API Versioning made easy to improve backwards compatibility


  • Understand what contract testing is
  • Identify key differences between contract tests and integration tests
  • Run simple consumer driven contract test

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