As part of our work on creating a modern, open-source automation curriculum, we want to hear your experience with automation tasks. 

This week we're focussing on Setting Up Test Environments 

During this event, you will analyse and share the steps an Automator takes when setting up test environments.

We'll be looking to learn:

  • What steps you need to take to set up test environments.
  • What skills and knowledge you need to set up test environments.
  • How frequently you complete this task.
  • How important and difficult is it to set up test environments.

Regardless of your methods and experience, all that you share will be integral in deciding what content ends up in the curriculum. Taking part in the session will ensure the content we create supports the next generation of automation engineers.

So if you are someone who works in the automation space, please join us to share how you work in your team and help us create the future of training in testing.

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How Do You Set Up Test Environments?
Setting Up Test Environments

How Do You Set Up Test Environments?


Setting Up Test Environments


Join us for a group discussion on how you set up test environments. This session is hands-on so you'll need to share your own way of working in automation. All methods and experiences are welcome as this will ensure that the end curriculum is truly relevant to those looking to get into automation.

Learning Outcomes

  • Analyse the steps needed to set up test environments
  • Evaluate the difficulty of setting up test environments
  • Share common pitfalls or misconceptions when setting up test environments


  • Experience in working in automation
  • Chrome Desktop
  • Microphone