TestBash Home 2021

TestBash Home has been and gone. But what a blast it was!

Are you looking for the recordings?

The recordings are available here 🍿

Where can I find all the unanswered questions?

You should be able to find them over on The Club. Don't forget The Club is there all year long and is a fantastic place to ask all your testing-related questions.

Did you enjoy TestBash Home?

If so we'd love to get a 'tester-monial' from you. You can upload a short video, or write some text here on our TestBash Home wall of love.

Where can I find the slides?

The slides will be listed on the page of each talk once the recordings are live.

Where can I buy all the swag people had or mentioned?

You can find all our swag in our Store.

This event is now archived. We are working on making this page more useful. If the event was recorded your best place to find it would be on the Learn Page.