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Testing Ask Me Anything on Holistic Testing

Join Janet Gregory for a deep dive into Holistic Testing, where every phase is a pivotal piece of the quality puzzle.
15:30 - 16:30 BST
Location: Online

We all hope for a time when all pieces of a testing puzzle fall seamlessly into place, ensuring not just a high-quality product but one that truly resonates with users. Enter the world of Holistic Testing. And who better to unravel its intricacies than the agile testing guru, Janet Gregory!

Having journeyed through the dynamic landscapes of agile development, Janet possesses an enriched understanding of testing's multifaceted roles. From the initial spark of an idea in the discovery phase to the detailed intricacies of deploying, from observing user interactions to constantly learning and iterating—Janet's vision of "Holistic Testing" is a symphony of strategies, tools, and mindsets.

But wait, our AMAs have an interactive twist! While we're eager to delve into Janet's vast reservoir of knowledge (and trust us, it's a deep dive), this is just as much about your queries, concerns, and revelations. Ever wondered about the balance between automated tests and exploratory ones? Puzzled over how to integrate user feedback into testing loops? Or maybe you have a success story where a holistic approach made all the difference? Janet is ready to engage, enlighten, and exchange ideas.

So, gear up with your questions and perhaps a notepad for all the golden nuggets you'll gather. Dive into the universe of Holistic Testing with us, where every testing phase is a crucial piece of the grand puzzle.

Reserve your seat now and embark on a conversation that promises to redefine your perspective on testing!