Ever wondered how software teams maintain quality without a designated tester on board? Or perhaps you're in a team without a traditional tester and are seeking strategies to improve quality. Let's dive into this conundrum with us as we host Stuart Crocker for an enlightening Ask Me Anything on Teams Without Testers.

Stuart is an accidental Software Tester with a coding background. His experience spans online retail, AAA video games, and even critical national infrastructure systems; he's seen and done a lot. Stuart firmly believes in the magic of whole team testing efforts, especially in Agile contexts. Through his experiences, Stuart offers a perspective that challenges the norms and broadens our horizons about software quality.

And here's where the AMA format spices things up: this isn't a one-way monologue. While Stuart's tales from various industries are thrilling, you get to steer the conversation! Have queries about embedding quality practices in a developer-centric team? Intrigued by the quality processes in AAA video games where developers and designers contributed heavily? Or perhaps you have got a unique query from your own team's journey? Stuart's here to engage, share, and enlighten.

So, arm yourself with your most pressing questions, register now and join us in unravelling the dynamics of teams without testers. It promises to be a dialogue rich in insights and revelations!

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    Stuart Crocker
    Ask Me Anything

    Teams Without Testers


    Ask Me Anything


    In this session, Stuart Crocker, a software engineering maestro with a unique focus on testing and quality, stands ready to address all your curiosities, including:

    - The mechanisms behind maintaining impeccable software quality in environments without designated testers.
    - Strategies for fostering a culture of quality and testing across different domains, from online retail to AAA video games.
    - Overcoming challenges and leveraging benefits of whole-team testing in agile setups.
    - Real-life stories of how teams without testers have consistently ensured top-tier product quality.

    Stuart's distinct perspective on "Teams Without Testers" brings to light the transformative potential of collective ownership of quality, underscoring that everyone, not just a specialized tester, can be the vanguard of product excellence.

    So arm yourself with questions and seize this unparalleled chance to deepen your comprehension of quality assurance with Stuart!


    Stuart Crocker
    Stuart Crocker
    Head of Engineering
    Fell into testing in 2002. 10+ years in video games in two stints. The rest in Physical Integrated Security, Global Online Retail and more recently in Legal Tech.

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