UI Automation Week


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Join us for a packed week of UI Automation learning and hands-on activities in the form of Webinars, Challenges, Experience Reports and so much more!


4 Workshops, 5 Experience Reports, 1 TestBash Revisited, 1 Masterclass, 1 Ask Me Anything, 1 Panel Discussion, 1 MeetUp and 4 Lean Coffees


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Event Challenges

At the centre of UI Automation Week are these challenges. They've been specifically designed to test your existing skills, help you develop new ones and to frame your learning journey. These challenges are open to everyone and we're inviting you to share your experience reports throughout the week. We want to hear how you went about solving them, what technologies you used and what problems you had to overcome to solve them.

If that sounds interesting to you, let us know. If selected you'll get 20 minutes to tell your story and demo your solution. We'll even pay you £100 for your time.

These challenges are available in Java, JavaScript, C# and Python. Of course you can solve them with whatatever you like, but our experience report sessions will focus on these languages.

Basic UI Check (Beginner)

This challenge presents a basic UI feature to automate to get you started. It will help you learn how to get a UI automation tool setup.

Clean Up Messy Code (Intermediate)

This challenge helps you learn how to structure UI automation code in a sensible way.

Visual Checking (Intermediate)

This activity allows you to try out a new approach to asserting information in the UI through the use of visual checking.

Automate a Desktop Application (Intermediate)

This activity will build on your knowledge of Web automation but focus it in a different context onto native applications.

Update a Framework to Support Cross-Browser Checking (Expert)

The goal of this challenge is to get you thinking about how to set up and use grids for cross-browser / device automation.

Automate a Canvas/SVG Based Site (Expert - Bonus Challenge!)

This challenge gets you thinking about how to automate less straightforward HTML features. By the end of the activity, you should have an approach to automating SVG / Canvas tags on a website.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a code-of-conduct?

Yes, you can read it here and it is enforced.

What are the Experience Reports Sessions?

In these sessions, we will be going through the challenges and offer the opportunity for our community members to come on screen and show us their experiences in solving the challenges on a specific language, using different tools and methods.

Can I participate in the Experience Reports?

Yes! If you’d like to be invited to come on screen and showcase your Experience Report, stay tuned for details coming soon. All we'll need is 20/30 minutes of your time for a demo of your solution and a chat with our host, answering questions on what you learnt. We’ll even pay you for your time!

How can I unlock this event?

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I still have credit with MoT, how can I use it?

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How do I access the event or sessions online?

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Further Questions?

If you have any additional questions, please email us at masters@ministryoftesting.com.