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This page is dedicated to business related software testing blog posts. Please contact us to submit a software testing business blog. Each post appears as a link shortly after being published.

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    The New Selenium IDE: See How It Can Turbo-charge Your Testing Efforts
    Posted: February 22nd 2019 23:37 | Author: Addie Ben-Yehuda
    Automate creating new boards on Trello using Python
    Posted: February 22nd 2019 14:57 | Author: Shivahari P
    Test Manager’s Role in an Agile Organization
    Posted: February 21st 2019 20:45 | Author: Kathryn Nest
    Why is Performance Test Automation Critical for Enterprise Applications?
    Posted: February 21st 2019 15:17 | Author: Stephane Brunet
    Best Practices for Working with Test Data
    Posted: February 21st 2019 14:00
    Top 17 Resources To Learn Test Automation In 2019
    Posted: February 21st 2019 13:00 | Author: Arnab Roy Chowdhury
    Beta Testing Success in 5 Steps
    Posted: February 21st 2019 00:56 | Author: Simone Thompkins
    Types of Non-Functional Software Testing
    Posted: February 20th 2019 19:00
    What’s New in JMeter 5.1?
    Posted: February 20th 2019 10:00 | Author: Artem Fedorov
    An Introduction to the DevOps Lifecycle
    Posted: February 20th 2019 09:35 | Author: Ali Imam
    Do We Really Need Testers?
    Posted: February 19th 2019 20:51 | Author: Kathryn Nest
    Collecting and Analyzing Execution Times of Squish Tests Written in Python
    Posted: February 19th 2019 14:29 | Author: Roberto
    You Are (Not) a Fraud: Dealing With Impostor Syndrome
    Posted: February 19th 2019 14:22 | Author: Harold Schreckengost
    Ubertesters Review – Scam or Easy Money Testing Apps?
    Posted: February 19th 2019 12:34 | Author: Ubertesters
    The Robots Are Coming – You’ve Been Replaced…well not so fast R2D2
    Posted: February 19th 2019 10:44 | Author: phil.edwards@nfocus.co.uk (Phil Edwards)
    How to Use the JMeterPluginsCMD Command Line
    Posted: February 18th 2019 16:56 | Author: George Maksimenko
    Coming to Understand Telemetry
    Posted: February 18th 2019 15:34 | Author: Paul Reinheimer
    Chrome Developer Tools Features for the QA Engineer
    Posted: February 18th 2019 14:37 | Author: Software Testing Magazine
    Why everyone should participate in the State of Testing survey
    Posted: February 18th 2019 12:51 | Author: Joel Montvelisky
    What can a well-tested Mobile Banking application do for your business?
    Posted: February 18th 2019 12:49 | Author: Cigniti Technologies