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This page is dedicated to business related software testing blog posts. Please contact us to submit a software testing business blog. Each post appears as a link shortly after being published.

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Where To Learn Test Programming – April 2020 Edition
Posted: April 1st 2020 22:25 | Author: Michael Battat
WebdriverIO Tutorial: Browser Commands for Selenium Testing
Posted: April 1st 2020 16:11 | Author: Rahul Jain
What is the Ghostcat vulnerability (CVE-2020-1938)?
Posted: April 1st 2020 16:00 | Author: Tanay Sethi
Build QA into CI/CD with mabl and Atlassian Bitbucket Pipelines
Posted: April 1st 2020 15:00 | Author: chou@mabl.com (Chou Yang)
COVID-19: Inspiring a Culture of Giving
Posted: April 1st 2020 14:02
How to Ensure Efficient Multi-Experience Testing for Applications?
Posted: April 1st 2020 13:45
Assuring business continuity and faster resilience in unprecedented times
Posted: April 1st 2020 13:36 | Author: Cigniti Technologies
We’ve got you covered: Covid-19 Update from CEO
Posted: April 1st 2020 13:02 | Author: TanyaGorbunova
Sparse Checkout using Jenkins
Posted: April 1st 2020 12:57 | Author: Akkul D N
Podcast – Continuous improvement – sounds good but how to do it?
Posted: April 1st 2020 09:05 | Author: Testing Podcast
Pytest, argparse.ArgumentError and the -V: conflicting option
Posted: April 1st 2020 08:42 | Author: Arunkumar Muralidharan
Free Tricentis Academy Courses through 30 April
Posted: April 1st 2020 06:20 | Author: Liz Dillon
#NeotysPAC – Observability to Accelerate Application Performance, by Stijn Schepers
Posted: April 1st 2020 04:00 | Author: mufarte
TestComplete Furthers Test Automation Scalability and AI Innovation with Version 14.4
Posted: April 1st 2020 02:57
TestProject Conducting Survey on State of Open Source Testing
Posted: April 1st 2020 00:05 | Author: Kevin Dunne
Tips For Working Remotely In A Hurry
Posted: March 31st 2020 21:47 | Author: TahaB
Q&A from TestProject and qTest Integration Webinar
Posted: March 31st 2020 18:57 | Author: Kevin Dunne
Business Driven Development By Selenium Testing With Gherkin
Posted: March 31st 2020 16:41 | Author: Rahul Rana
3 ways to improve your software development skills
Posted: March 31st 2020 16:00 | Author: Synopsys Editorial Team
Teaming Up on Bug Tracking and Resolution Made Easy with Jira and mabl
Posted: March 31st 2020 15:00 | Author: Courtney Dragoon
Remote Mob Programming: Unleash your team’s potential with remote, collaborative work
Posted: March 31st 2020 14:27
When Should You Take a Risk-based Approach to Testing and How To Implement It Right?
Posted: March 31st 2020 14:00 | Author: Victor Sachuk
Note from Testsigma CEO
Posted: March 31st 2020 12:30 | Author: K R Naidu
Coco 5 Released, With Built-In Function Profiler
Posted: March 31st 2020 12:19 | Author: Nicholas Medeiros
A Manager’s First Job
Posted: March 31st 2020 11:36 | Author: Marialena Perpiraki