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Why automated functional testing is crucial to modern QA
December 2nd 2022 21:16
Kassidy Kelley
Exploratory Testing in Agile - Xray Blog
December 2nd 2022 16:10 (Sérgio Freire)
Webinar: Move Forward With An Effective Test Automation Strategy [Voices of Community]
December 2nd 2022 14:54
Devansh Bhardwaj
Starting with Threat Modeling – part 1
December 2nd 2022 10:00
Marinus Kuivenhoven
Why is Appium Preferred Over Other Mobile App Test Automation Tools?
December 2nd 2022 09:50
Shilpi Goswami
5 Tips on hiring your first tester if you aren’t a tester
December 2nd 2022 07:36
Olga Ryan
Deploying Grafana to Azure App Service with Terraform (and Active Directory integration)
December 2nd 2022 07:29
Valerii Matveev
An Interactive Guide To CSS Hover Effects
December 2nd 2022 07:26
Ayush Thakur
7 Quality Traits of an Offshore Software Development Company
December 1st 2022 19:17
Data Pipeline Observability in Cloud Computing
December 1st 2022 18:01
Jaemar Miller
Experience: Elevating Quality As A Cornerstone of the Customer Experience | mabl
December 1st 2022 17:23
Bridget Hughes
How Should Software Industry Leaders Prepare for 2023?
December 1st 2022 14:32
Addie Lawrence
How AI-Powered Test Automation Tools Can Address the Talent Shortage
December 1st 2022 14:12
Cigniti Technologies
Migrating Test Automation Suite To Cypress 10
December 1st 2022 08:11
Adarsh M
An introduction to Markdown by Charlie Olive
December 1st 2022 00:00 (Charlie Olive)
WebdriverIO v8 Release
December 1st 2022 00:00
5 DataOps trends to adopt and why
November 30th 2022 22:01 (Validata)
Solving the Most Common Obstacles in MVP Development
November 30th 2022 20:07
Sustainable Software Engineering Through Performance Testing
November 30th 2022 19:46
Natalie Rodgers
Rules help you go faster by Jessica McEvoy
November 30th 2022 16:14
Jessica McEvoy
Stop Shipping Defects
November 30th 2022 16:04
Jonathan McBride
Should you learn to code before you learn to hack?
November 30th 2022 15:10
Xray Success Case in EdTech - Xray Blog
November 30th 2022 15:07
CyRC Vulnerability Advisory: Remote code execution vulnerabilities in mouse and keyboard apps
November 30th 2022 13:00
Mohammed Alshehri
Cross-Platform Testing with AI/ML – Benefits & Challenges
November 30th 2022 10:03
Raghukiran B