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This page is dedicated to business related software testing blog posts. Please contact us to submit a software testing business blog. Each post appears as a link shortly after being published.

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    Neotys Performance Advisory Council Experts went PAC to the Future
    Posted: November 21st 2019 04:00 | Author: Stephane Brunet
    Transforming Testing for Digital Transformation
    Posted: November 21st 2019 01:32 | Author: Sandeep Johri
    Top Tech Traits Consumers Are Shopping for This Cyber Monday
    Posted: November 21st 2019 00:45 | Author: Simone Thompkins
    Developer versus QA Productivity
    Posted: November 20th 2019 23:36 | Author: Michael Battat
    Reinventing the Automate/App Automate Dashboard
    Posted: November 20th 2019 16:01 | Author: Praveen Umanath
    What Is QAOps? And Why It Matters For Your Web Application?
    Posted: November 20th 2019 15:52 | Author: Praveen Mishra
    How DevOps Impacts Testing
    Posted: November 20th 2019 15:00 | Author: Lisa Crispin
    The 5 Types of Non-Functional Testing that Every Application Needs
    Posted: November 20th 2019 12:35 | Author: Sagar
    Regression Testing – What Is It and Best Practice
    Posted: November 20th 2019 12:30 | Author: phil.edwards@nfocus.co.uk (Phil Edwards)
    Definition of Done for Test Automation (The Ultimate Test Automation Checklist)
    Posted: November 20th 2019 06:29 | Author: Nikolay Advolodkin
    4 Critical Use Cases for Unlimited Device Testing Concurrency
    Posted: November 20th 2019 05:48 | Author: Sarah Mischinger
    The 9 API Testing Tools You Can’t Live Without in 2019
    Posted: November 20th 2019 00:36 | Author: Testim
    What Are the Types of Automation Testing?
    Posted: November 20th 2019 00:21 | Author: Testim
    IDT to Attend ASNE Combat Systems Symposium
    Posted: November 19th 2019 17:17 | Author: Janice Voth
    Five Levels of E-commerce Automated Testing
    Posted: November 19th 2019 16:51 | Author: Software Testing Magazine
    External Resources for BDD Through Data Tables
    Posted: November 19th 2019 15:41 | Author: Christian Franke
    Desired Capabilities in Selenium Testing With Examples
    Posted: November 19th 2019 15:29 | Author: Ramit Dhamija
    Determining the ROI of Performance Testing Software
    Posted: November 19th 2019 14:30 | Author: Joseph Alfano
    November Product Update
    Posted: November 19th 2019 14:02 | Author: Nick Brown
    Walking with testers, and listening to grumpy testing rockstars
    Posted: November 19th 2019 12:09 | Author: Joel Montvelisky
    Why Test Automation for Mobile and Web Apps is Different
    Posted: November 19th 2019 09:37 | Author: Sagar
    Model-Based Testing: The Advanced Level of Test Automation
    Posted: November 19th 2019 09:33 | Author: Victoria Bezsmolna
    Sailing with Testers (part VI)
    Posted: November 19th 2019 08:42 | Author: gil
    Where have all the testers gone?
    Posted: November 19th 2019 08:21 | Author: Marialena Perpiraki