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This page is dedicated to business related software testing blog posts. Please contact us to submit a software testing business blog. Each post appears as a link shortly after being published.

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    That’s a Wrap! Highlights From Accelerate Vienna 2019
    Posted: November 15th 2019 23:30 | Author: Lanier Norville
    Customer Centric Culture: Purpose and Profitability?
    Posted: November 15th 2019 10:30 | Author: Ashley Cheng
    How to Choose The Right Automation Testing Tool
    Posted: November 15th 2019 07:01 | Author: Suyash Dubey
    Typical problems solved by service virtualization/mocking/stubbing
    Posted: November 14th 2019 19:40 | Author: Unknown
    How Do You Test Dynamic Content?
    Posted: November 14th 2019 19:22 | Author: Michael Battat
    A Deep Dive into Video Streaming: Popularity, Features, and Adoption
    Posted: November 14th 2019 17:54 | Author: Simone Thompkins
    mabl & GitHub Actions Are Better Together for Building Intelligent CI/CD
    Posted: November 14th 2019 17:16 | Author: dan@mabl.com (Dan Belcher)
    When to test its integration platform?
    Posted: November 14th 2019 15:49 | Author: Laurent Bristiel
    Do You Know How to Program in Python?
    Posted: November 14th 2019 15:46 | Author: Nathan Stokes
    Third-Party Script Audit Checklist
    Posted: November 14th 2019 15:31
    Meet a Community Test Lead: Shabana
    Posted: November 14th 2019 14:03 | Author: Josepha
    Why DevOps? Business benefits and a perspective for future
    Posted: November 14th 2019 13:21 | Author: Cigniti Technologies
    Metrics: The Ugly, The Bad and Finding What Works for You
    Posted: November 14th 2019 12:07 | Author: Marialena Perpiraki
    Control of Sub-processes During GUI Testing
    Posted: November 14th 2019 09:35 | Author: Jarosław Kubik
    Data Driven Testing With TestNG
    Posted: November 14th 2019 03:44 | Author: Rex Jones II
    A/B Testing: Validating Multiple Variations
    Posted: November 13th 2019 17:32 | Author: Angie Jones, Automation Engineer
    Ways Your Team Can Gear up an eCommerce Site for Holiday Sales
    Posted: November 13th 2019 15:00 | Author: Bhavani R.
    How to use Akka Streams or Reactor with Vert.X
    Posted: November 13th 2019 14:56 | Author: Ruben Oostinga
    An Introduction to 508 Compliance Testing
    Posted: November 13th 2019 13:01 | Author: Will Saunders
    SmartBear Talks | Run a Perfect Bug Hunting Event in DevOps - Szilard Szell
    Posted: November 13th 2019 11:29 | Author: TanyaGorbunova
    Working Effectively with SpecFlow Tables
    Posted: November 13th 2019 06:46 | Author: Bas Dijkstra