The Ministry of Testing Handbook

The handbook is for those seeking to know all about Ministry of Testing; the things we do, how we do them and how you can get involved. The aim of this handbook is to communicate our activities and ethics in a clear and open manner.

Things we do:

  • Software Testing Community - supporting and building an awesome software testing community is what we mostly do; we're tens of thousands of software testers strong!
  • Software Testing Events - we host several global 'TestBash' software testing conferences each year, as well as many monthly online events.
  • Ministry of Testing Meetup Groups - we support our community members from all over the globe to run local software testing meetups.
  • The Dojo - This is our software testing learning platform where we co-create software testing learning resources including articles, podcasts and courses. You can learn about all things testing anytime, anywhere.
  • Software Testing Slack Groups:
    • MoT Slack - this is where we chat about our activities, resources, events, and we collaborate with lots of testers!
    • -  this is where we chat about all things testing!
  • The Club - this is our software testing forum where the whole community can discuss all things testing!
  • Masters of the Ministry - is where we collaborate with expert software testers to offer the community awesome software testing training.
  • Software Testing Jobs Board - a handy place to find or advertise a software testing job or software testers.
  • Software Testing Feeds - this feed is an aggregation of all the awesome software testing blogs and podcasts we've found on the interwebs.
  • Software Testing Clinic - is part of the Ministry of Testing family, offering a series of training Meetups covering a range of important topics to become an awesome software tester.

How we do things:

How You Can Get Involved: