Grow your Career with Tech Communities

30th June 2021
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Nishi Grover Garg's profile
Nishi Grover Garg

Community Enablement Manager @Trifacta

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Talk Description

Communities are groups of people having certain common interests or characteristics in common that bring them together. But what keeps them together is their passion, willingness to share and their dedication to help and support others. 

Emerging from 2020, we have seen many communities work in various fields in various ways and realised how every human needs a sense of community to survive and thrive! Let's see how we can leverage the power of tech communities in our career and personal growth. And nothing drives a brand forward more than its community! So, how can companies create and leverage such tech communities to their product’s advantage and delight their users?

What you’ll learn

By the end of this masterclass, you'll be able to:

  • Discover the benefits of being part of a community for your personal and professional growth
  • List ways of contributing towards communities
  • Identify how user communities can take a company’s brand forward
  • Describe how can companies can create powerful and engaged user communities
Nishi Grover Garg's profile'

Nishi Grover Garg

Community Enablement Manager @Trifacta

Nishi is a corporate trainer, an agile enthusiast and a tester at heart! With 13+ years of industry experience, she currently works with Trifacta as a Community Enablement Manager. She is passionate about training, organizing community events, and has been a speaker at numerous testing events and conferences. Nishi is also a writer on technical topics of interest in the industry and has numerous articles published at numerous popular forums and her own blog where she writes about the latest topics in Agile and Testing domains.
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