Teamwork Makes the Full-Stack Testing Dream Work

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Ben Dowen

Senior Quality Engineer

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Talk Description

Step into the world of full-stack testing with this essential Masterclass led by seasoned Quality Engineer Ben Dowen. Suitable for software testers of all levels, Ben's talk goes beyond a typical technical tutorial, providing a comprehensive guide and toolkit to testing complex software systems across multiple layers. His approach empowers testers to understand and test these systems confidently and effectively.

Throughout the Masterclass, Ben simplifies the complexities of software systems, breaking them down into digestible segments. He equips you with a unique toolkit designed to help identify and address your knowledge gaps across the system layers with strategies for filling them through collaborative testing. 

Lastly, Ben emphasizes the power of teamwork. You'll learn how effective collaboration within and across teams can lead to better testing outcomes and a deeper understanding of complex systems. Whether you're just starting out or are an experienced tester, this Masterclass will equip you with new perspectives and techniques to enhance your testing proficiency.

What you’ll learn

By the end of this masterclass, you'll be able to:

  • Recognise the different layers that make up common software technology stacks
  • Identify gaps in your knowledge of a system under test using a model
  • Plan a collaborative testing session to fill one of those gaps
Ben Dowen's profile'

Ben Dowen

Senior Quality Engineer

Working professionally in Software Testing for over 11 years I've had the pleasure of working on a range of different software. From enterprise infrastructure and virtualization, web and mobile apps, and more than one back-end service. I like to think I understand how software is built and where it lives, and this helps give me confidence when exploring and identifying risks. I believe delivering software is a team sport, that involves strong collaboration between different people who bring their own skills and experience. It's this belief that leads me to focus on collaborative testing techniques, such as pairing and ensemble exploration.
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