Posted: Jun 9, 2023

TestBash UK's 99-Minute Workshops Are Now Live!

During the past couple of months, we've been working together with all fifteen TestBash UK 2023 speakers to develop fourteen 99-Minute Workshops and we are now happy to announce that all workshops have been added to the event page and App.

Our online 99-Minute Workshops have been hugely successful and valuable for attendees. This is due to them being learning outcome focussed with hands-on activities targeted at making sure attendees achieve the learning goals. All with the support of testing gurus. The in-person workshops follow the same successful recipe. If you’re someone who likes to learn deeply with hands-on practical experience, the 99-Minute Workshops are for you. 

Here's a sneak peek of what to expect at TestBash UK 2023:

Day One
  • Planning to Persuade Others with Thomas Shipley
  • Data-Driven Decisions to Model User Behaviour with Heather Reid
  • Step-by-step Guide to Break Down Your Costly E2E Tests with Jaswanth Manigundan
  • Designing Test Automation Pipeline with Ivan Karaman
  • UI Component Testing with Storybook and Playwright with Tally Barak
  • Hands-on Approach to Accessibility Testing with Janique Morris
  • The Five Behaviours of Team Working with Jitesh Gosai
  • Supporting People with Disabilities with Krys Catterall
Day Two
  • Let's Go Security Testing! with Richard Adams
  • Build your own Quality Strategy with Swiss Cheese with Sarah Hutchins
  • Web Scraping with NodeJS with Phil Wells
  • Expedition Into the Uncharted Territories of Learning with Eva Podbrdská
  • Mastering Mentorship: A Journey of Growth with Davina Scott & Tamoya Beckford
  • Perks of Client-side Performance Testing (Analysis, Measure and Optimisation) with Varuna Srivastava

Start going through all the workshop and talk details and add those you don't want to miss to your schedule on the App. And if you don't have a ticket yet, the Early Sale is now, available until the 31st of August or until the limit of 150 has been reached. So get yours now before they sell out!

If you haven't yet downloaded the app, now is the time 👇


The excitement is building and we can't wait to see you in September! 😉

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