Win a Pro Membership for an ENTIRE year! Thanks to Xray

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We've a new Pro Membership Competition of the year thanks to our annual partner Xray.  You could win access to all of our learning content including our Workshops, Masterclasses, Courses, TestBash talks, online TestBashes and everything else! Plus, exclusive discounts to our software testing training and in-person events. 🎉

Xray is a market-leading test management solution for Jira users, providing an intuitive and comprehensive test management experience that is customizable for a user’s specific QA needs. As companies across all industries embrace the adoption of DevOps methodologies, Xray provides them with the tools to undergo an agile transformation through its extensible test management platform. Xray’s REST API and out-of-the-box integrations make it easy to build a CI/CD pipeline, and its powerful reports give complete visibility into test coverage and readiness to deploy. Start a free trial!

Xray have been great supporters of the Ministry of Testing community by being an Annual Partner since 2020 and supporting our TestBash too!   

Competition is opened until the 27th September.