Posted: Mar 11, 2021

Redesigning The Club With You In Mind

The Club

Redesigning The Club With You In Mind

I'm so excited! I’ve started making some big changes to The Club. I’m working with Richard Bradshaw to make it easier for you to post, find what you need and share with the community. Come and take a look.


Regular users of our discussion forum, The Club, will have noticed some subtle changes over the past few months. You’ve been giving me your feedback on how you use The Club, how you’d like to use it and what would make it easier for you to navigate the forum.

The biggest piece of feedback you gave me was that it was often confusing to choose a category when posting a question. Maybe you wanted to know about tools for automating API testing, should it go in Test Automation, Tools or API testing? Many of you said that this was a blocker to posting. If you couldn’t decide, then you just wouldn’t post. Understandable and very useful feedback for me!

What Have You Done?!

This week, I’ve made some changes based on that feedback that are not so subtle 😁

I have completely changed how the Categories landing page looks. Before I started, we had 29 categories + 24 subcategories that were available for everyone to post in. In hindsight, I can see how that was overwhelming but your feedback really helped me to zero in and decide what should be there instead.

I’m a “picture paints a thousand words” kind of person so let me show you the before and after shots.


Screenshot of The Club with the 29 categories and 24 subcategories before the redesign.


Screenshot of The Club after the redesign with the new 12 categories only.

What Does This Mean?

All of this means that it’s going to be much easier for you to post to The Club.

If you’ve got a question about tools for automating API testing now, for example, it would go in the “Questions” category and you can add tags to your post with “automation”, “api-testing” etc to help make it easier to find.

Got a question now? Head over and post it on The Club!

What Next?

You’re going to see even more changes happening on The Club soon! I’m having regular pairing sessions with Richard to give the forum much more of the Ministry of Testing style you know and love. As I’m so excited about it all, I’ve shared a teaser tweet about some of what we’re working on.

Watch this space!

CommunityBoss @ Ministry of Testing


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