Posted: Feb 18, 2022

TestBash Leadership: Line-Up Announcement!

That's right folks, we've released the lineup for the first TestBash of the year, TestBash Leadership! 🎉

Starting at 9 am (UK Time) on the 10th of March, TestBash Leadership will be a full day packed with stories, experiences, tips, advice and knowledge on what is required to become a good leader.

This TestBash will be hosted by four of our awesome hosts: Vernon Richards, Gwen Diagram, Laveena Ramchandani and Jenna Charlton.

Each one of them will host a three hours slot where they'll be able to introduce and chat with all these great leadership experts and explore all the angles and details around Leadership in different testing roles.

Here's a summary of the already confirmed names:

  • Jitesh Gosai
  • Marie Drake
  • Toby Sinclair
  • Joep Schuurkes
  • Eva Podbrdská
  • Rahul Parwal
  • Ajay Balamurugadas
  • Christian Kram
  • Dave Harrison
  • Niranjani Manoharan
  • Jim Holmes
  • Kiruthika Ganesan
  • Leigh Rathbone
  • Butch Mayhew

And more still to be announced... 

One not to miss, right? ✨


- Diana Dromey, EventBoss @ Ministry of Testing

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