The Community Has Spoken: TestBash UK's 2023 Lineup is Live! ๐ŸŽ‰

A total of 14 speakers will shape TestBash UK 2023, happening on the 20th and 21st of September in Liverpool.

TestBash UK is the largest Quality and Software Testing conference in the UK and the biggest Ministry of Testing event.ย 

I can't contain my excitement in sharing with you the list of awesome speakers who will share their knowledge and experience in this 2-day multi-track and multi-format conference. ๐Ÿ˜

These 14 speakers were chosen by the community, via our community abstract review campaign, which saw a total of 223 abstracts and an astonishing 1324 reviews! ๐Ÿฅฐ All 14 speakers will present a talk, a 99-minute workshop, an activity and host an office hour to answer all your questions.ย 

The talk's information has been released and we will now work together with each speaker to develop their 99-minute workshops and activities!

In no particular order (ok, maybe alphabetically ๐Ÿ˜‰), the speakers for TestBash UK 2023 are:

  • Davina Scott and Tamoya Beckford, both coming from stunning Jamaica, will form a duo and share how mentorship can help testing careers from a QA mentor and mentee perspective.
  • Eva Podbrdskรก will join us from Prague, Czech Republic and will help us in boosting our brains via helpful strategies for effective and persistent learning.
  • Heather Reid, no stranger to the MoT community, will come from Ireland to show us how we can use data to drive testing decisions.
  • Ivan Karaman will fly across the globe, from New Zealand to teach the essentials of how to build a test automation framework.
  • Janique Morris also coming from Jamaica, will help us advocate for the much-needed accessibility testing and how it can be implemented in every team.
  • Jaswanth Manigundan is a familiar face from our online TestBashes and is also flying across the globe, from Australia. He will present how hermetic testing can break down our costly e2e tests into efficient low-level tests.
  • Jitesh Gosai will join us from the next-door neighbour Manchester to show us how to work smarter and have both speed and quality in our ways of working.
  • Krys Prendergast, coming from the not-too-far-away Leeds will show via physical disabilities in the workplace, how to find a more sustainable and supportive way to keep amazing people.
  • Phil Wells, from the hills of New Jersey, USA, used to work for the New York Times and will share the role of WebDriver for journalists, by scrapping the web to report the truth.
  • Richard Adams, from the hilly capital of Scotland, Edinburgh, is no stranger to TestBash UK and will join us again this year to share how we can explore security in our day-to-day testing.ย 
  • Sarah Hutchins, a quality strategist with over a decade of experience from Berlin, Germany, will teach how to concretely build a quality strategy using the Swiss cheese model.ย 
  • Tally Barak from Israel has over 30 years of learning software tools and practices and will share her knowledge on how to test UI components in 2023.
  • Thomas Shipley from historic Chester in the UK, will help us convince our teams on how to apply our new learnings via the art of persuasion.ย 
  • Varuna Srivastava is a lead quality analyst coming from Singapore to present the perks of client-side performance testing.

Introducing our speakers on the main stage, we'll have our famous hosts: local to Liverpool, Leigh Rathbone will start off the conference on Day One and in the afternoon the famous dancing duo Vernon Richards and Stuart Day will come together again, this time as hosts. Day Two will start with Callum Akehurst-Ryan and his partner in crime Ramone, the testing otter. To end the conference, Gwen Diagram will bring her energy and game-show super hosting skills!

๐Ÿ‘ Wow! That's a list of names and topics you certainly do not want to miss!

See you in Liverpool?

Yes ๐Ÿคฉ

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