A Present From Jokin To All The Spanish Speaking Software Testers
28th January 2016

The following are some words from Jokin Aspiazu.  We hope to expand on this initiative, if you appreciate this then let us know!

Now that we are a team of testers in flywire, we started to run a testing event, The Testnight, a humble event where we would invite fellow testers to talk and debate about matters that are interesting for us.

The first event was quite good, with +10 assistants and Tomislav Delalic delivering a talk about training options for testers.

We found out that we liked producing something we could share after the event, for those who could not attend.

For the second event, while we were planning it, we had a funny idea, let’s invite James Bach or Michael Bolton, we had some laughs and continued working.But hey, maybe we don’t have to get them all the way to Valencia, maybe we can play a recorded talk, after all, there is plenty of good stuff recorded up there.

Yes, but all these talks are in English, and for Non-native English speakers sometimes it’s hard to follow.

Well, we can try to add Close Captions to the talk and see how it goes.

So, it happens that Youtube has built a tool to write your Close Captions as you play the video. The tool is free and it kind of meets the expectations, so all I did was replay the talk and write the content in Spanish. This is a slow process, (depending on what you consider fast or slow) but 5 minutes of talk would take me about 40 minutes of work.

Once you are done, you can share the video or you can export the file with the Closed Captions, I sent this file to Rosie, so she could add it to the original Dojo talk, and it worked just fine, now we can share the same video, for two different audiences.

What do you get from it? Well, you get a good understanding of the talk and also you create some content that is easy to share with fellow Spanish speaking testers, and maybe you help them a bit in getting better with their English.

It’s a win, if you are not a native English speaker, you should give it a try 

Go watch Michael Bolton’s – The Rapid Software Testing Guide To What You Meant To Say with Spanish subtitles!