Advertise Your Open Job Roles at TestBash Home
7th June 2021

The technology scene seems to be on a hiring spree at the moment, and that's no different for testing and quality roles. We've seen a spike in roles posted on our own

So, we've got creative and thought, how could people advertise their roles at TestBash Home? Wanting to keep it as simple and as lean as possible, we've gone with a simple image that is displayed on repeat during the breaks.

Here is an example:

Your advert will be shown for a minimum of 30 seconds during each break. It will be shown more depending on how many slots we sell. In total, we have twelve breaks throughout the whole 24-hour event.
But Richard, it's the break, no one will be watching! Not true, folks come and go all the time and a lot hang around to continue chatting while they wait for the talks to continue.
But to combat this worry, we'll also make the job adverts playable on demand throughout the conference, so folk can explore the opportunities at their leisure

Sound good to you? Excellent, all you have to do is complete this form, you'll need the following:

  • Job Title
  • Location
  • Job type, e.g. full-time, part-time
  • Short Description (max 400 char)
  • URL where people can apply
  • Your company logo
  • A Credit Card to pay the £100 fee

The deadline to submit your job advert is Friday, 11th June.

Thanks for supporting the Ministry of Testing
Richard, BossBoss