Amplifying our Club Contributors with a New Design
24th May 2021

If you’ve been regularly checking The Club the past week, you’ll have noticed some interesting changes took place. You might have thought you’d unlocked an exciting new area

Veerle Verhagen: Omg I was wondering why the Club was all green and pretty, thought I was in a special TestBash Home zone or something.

And the good news is that you have, in fact, everyone has!

Richard and I have been working hard since our last update to bring about more changes and I got a bit excited and released them before I got a chance to write about why we’d made these changes. I liked them so much, I left them there and decided to write about the why later 😁

We’ve changed three key things:

  1. The Latest Page
  2. Added Topic Templates - create a new one to check it out
  3. MoTified the Categories Page

The Latest Page

The Latest Page is the first page that everyone lands on when they hit the Club so that you can see everything happening right now and jump into a conversation that interests you as it’s happening.

Our old Latest Page had a lot on it, it told you how many views a post had, how long ago it was last active and it had advertisements for fun things we had happening in MoT land up the top. There was a lot there and it was overwhelming if you weren’t used to the forum.

When I spoke to regular users of The Club, they said that the important things for them on the Latest Page were:

  • Who posted the thread
  • Who is replying to the thread
  • How many replies there are to each thread
  • How many likes a post has been given

So we did exactly that. It’s much cleaner and only displays the information that matters to you. I feel much better now we get to really hero all you amazing people who contribute there. Check out the Latest Page.

Topic Templates

Sometimes it’s hard to know how to frame a new topic on The Club which is a real barrier for people creating new ones.

Now, when you click “New Topic” and choose your category, the compose window will automatically fill with a template to help you frame your post.  How about adding a question to see it in action?

MoTifying The Categories Page

In our last update, we talked about massive changes to the Categories layout. We were happy with the changes we made there but we thought: how could we MoTify this even more? We wanted to get more of the monsters involved and really make The Club feel even more a part of the website.

So we’ve changed to a layout that shows off our lovely monsters more and has clearer descriptions for each category to help you decide where to post. Go see the monsters

What’s Next?

We’re still making small changes behind the scenes but for now, we’re done with the super big changes that required lots of development work.

What do you think of the changes we’ve made? Share your feedback on The Club.