Announcing Masters of the Ministry
21st April 2016

At The Ministry of Testing, we are constantly experimenting and evolving. We fail. We succeed. And then along the way we discover new things and ideas that we feel compelled to do.

At the heart of the Ministry of Testing, is the saying that we are ‘co-creating smarter testers’. The key part of this for me is the ‘co-creation’. We believe we need to do this together in a way that we will all win.

So with that in mind, we are creating Masters of the Ministry. The idea behind this is that very awesome, knowledgeable people we have within the community want to share their wisdom with others. And at the Ministry of Testing, we want to enable them to do so in a positive, open and lean way.

Initially, we are going to be partnering up with some very awesome testers that want to organise and deliver some training courses. They will be making the courses happen. Choosing the locations and all the finer details. We will facilitate them on this journey, allowing them to use our existing infrastructure and presence in the testing community.

First up we have Mark Winteringham organising a course on Testing Web Services. Mark presented a version of this course at TestBash Brighton. Now he will be presenting a one-day version in September in Manchester (UK).

All our events with Masters of the Ministry will be promoted via our normal channels and be listed on our events page.

In the coming weeks and months, we plan to have more ‘Masters’ joining us on this initiative.  We can’t say whom yet, but we think you will like them and what they have to offer!  And of course, if you think someone should be on our list or would like to get involved yourself then please get in touch.