Are Test Cases Dead (Yet)?
17th April 2016

This is partially inspired by this post on WatirMelon, but am also raising this as the software testing industry continues to evolve into a different beast!

This is not news to many! However, I definitely feel there is a trend that test cases are no longer as relevant as what they used to be.  The idea of writing test cases manually and trying to keep them up to date is increasingly just not the done thing.

Of course, I am sure there are many projects out there that still take the test case approach.  However, for the newer projects (agile, continuous delivery, etc) the maintaining of a set of manual test cases appears to be frowned upon.

What Do Testers Do Instead?

Can you leave a comment below with feedback about how you go about managing your tests?  It would be great if you could briefly explain what and how you are managing your tests and how you feel it is going for you and your team.

Some ideas of what you may be doing instead:

  • You’ve adopted Session Based Test Management (but how do you practically manage the process?)
  • You’ve created a number of automated checks, that are documented and updated continuously.
  • You have some kind of documentation area that is kept up to date with communications.  A wiki perhaps. Or a blog. Or a spreadsheet.
  • You use mind maps instead.
  • You use checklists.
  • You still write test cases?  How and why?
  • You don’t write any kind of tests!

Can you share how you manage your tests and inspire your fellow software testers to improve their processes?