Are You Coming To TestBash Philadelphia?
14th June 2016

In the Masterclasses we host on The Dojo, Richard often says that we follow the energy of the community.  This phrase has stuck with me simply because it is so true!

We are built from the ground up, with the help from the community.  We listen carefully and try our best to create things that you need.  TestBash Philadelphia is one of them.

Last year we were in NYC. This year we are going to be hosting TestBash Philadelphia.  We are doing it because YOU asked for it (too many times for us to ignore it!).  I still personally feel terrified to be doing this, in an exciting kind of way.  What we have built up in the UK has been amazing. We have so much love and support from the community and we feel that we need to continue to grow that in the US of A.

So, come along. It’s your event! The speakers are from the community. They were chosen by selected active members in the community.  The people are attending are people like you. People interested in learning about their software testing craft. Wanting to improve themselves and feel the need to connect with others on their journey.

This is not your standard software testing conference. You will meet new people. You will make new friends. You will learn and be inspired by all those around you. You will leave feeling sad, yet motivated to make some changes when you go back to testing!

It will be 2 days of talks and activities. No workshops this year, we’re experimenting on a 2 day single track conference with plenty of things happening in between.

Join us!

Important Info!

Conference details: you can find the main conference page with full details here.

Registration:  – Register now – (If you are a member of The Dojo then you get $50 off!)

Date: Thursday 10th November – Friday 11th November 2016 (be prepared and schedule time for social meet ups before during and after).

Location: FringeArts Theatre


The Speakers. The Very Awesome Speakers.

  • Gaining Consciousness – Fiona Charles
  • Testing without Testers (and other dumb ideas that sometimes work) – Alan Page
  • A Mob Testing Experience – Maaret Pyhäjärvi
  • Episode VII: A Tester Training Program Awakens – Megan Studzenski & Cheri Kure
  • What the Hell Kind of Testing is That? – Nancy Kelln
  • The road to enlightenment: How we learned to stop worrying and start treating infrastructure like any other feature – Abby Bangser and James Spargo
  • Succeeding as an Introvert – Elizabeth Zagroba
  • Giving Something Back ­- Testing In The Pub ­Live! – Dan Ashby and Stephen Janaway
  • How to Get Automation Included in Your Definition of Done – Angie Jones
  • Embracing Change: The challenges of changing ‘traditional’ mindsets – Christina Ohanian
  • The Deep End: Applying Newly Acquired Testing Skills on the Job – Israel Alvarez
  • Test Like a Cat (Not a Dog) – Lanette Creamer
    Agile Tester Interactions: The Story Of Story Kickoff – Ash Coleman

Hotel Information:

The venue for TestBash Philadelphia is the FringeArts Theatre, near Benjamin Franklin bridge.

There are several hotels within 10-15 minutes walk, including:-

  • Holiday Inn Express (Special rate below)
  • Penn’s View Hotel
  • Best Western Plus
  • Hilton Philadelphia at Penn’s Landing
  • Hotel Monaco Philadelphia
  • The Franklin Hotel at Independence Park
  • Society Hill Hotel