Autumn TestBash Events!
7th June 2018

We have now launched all of our TestBash events happening in Autumn 2018. We hope there is one that you can convince your boss to attend.  

Each TestBash covers a variety of different and relevant topics with a diverse set of speakers from across the globe. This is also backed by a friendly and inclusive community that will help you feel at home.

So, which TestBash will it be?


So what is actually happening?


TestBash Germany 14th September - Early Bird Tickets Available

We're returning to Munich for #OktoberTest.  You not only have the chance to be part of this great international community but also see a very exciting lineup.  The goal was to create a lineup that helps you to see your testing from different perspectives.

TestBash Manchester 26th - 27th September - Super Early Bird Tickets Available

This is our third year returning to Manchester!  With good reason. This year we have some pre-TestBash training, workshops and of course the conference day itself.  Expect a multitude of topics to be covered, you can learn about security, bias, exploratory testing and lots more. Check it out for yourself.

Test.Bash(); 28th September - Super Early Bird Tickets Available

Our first ever Test.Bash(); in response to your demands!  We had so many requests to run a more technical conference, so we've done it!  It will be in the same format as our normal TestBash conference, this time we're delving into the depths of coding...and much more too. 

TestBash Australia 19th October - Super Early Bird Tickets Available

This is another new addition!  We're off to the southern hemisphere and couldn't be happier about it. The goal was to be as diverse as possible and appeal to a wide audience. With that in mind, we’ve put together a wonderful line up of speakers - both local and international - with topics that cover multiple areas of our amazing craft.

TestBash San Francisco 8th - 9th November - Super Early Bird Tickets Available

OK, so we've been the USA repeatedly, however, it's our first time to San Francisco! We're wrapping up the year with a 2-day extravaganza. 17 talks, a few surprises and a gathering of an awesome community! What a wonderful way to round out the year?!