Bring Your Team Together With TestBash Home
20th April 2020

It’s an interesting time for the majority of the world right now… how are you and your team coping? 

Are they missing that daily interaction, the brainstormings, the mutual help, or do they miss asking those burning questions across the office that can’t wait? Do they need something exciting to look forward to, an opportunity to improve their skills and knowledge? 

Our brand new online event TestBash Home will provide that opportunity and more! Our brand new TestBash will give them the opportunity to connect with fellow testers. Connecting testers for a full 24-hours of talks, panels, activities, they’ll be exploring all the important topics and getting answers to those burning questions. Maybe even discovering new ways to work together as a team. 

Here are some of the examples of what to expect:

  • Having trouble convincing your team to try Risk-Based Testing? Nishi Grover Garg will tell us how.
  • Learn and practise lots of exploratory testing techniques in “A Bug Hunt Live” with Richard Bradshaw and Mark Winteringham.
  • Prevent team burnout by recognising the signs and learn how to create a better balance in an agile team with Maryam Umar’s talk.
  • Got a question about coaching, management and leadership? Ask the experts in our Panel Discussions.

This is just sneak-peek, check out the full 24 hours schedule now available! 

What benefits will you and your team get?

  • Give your employees a great testing experience that they’ll remember - this is the first #TestBash Home after all!
  • You’re providing an opportunity for them to learn something new, share the quality culture and gain a joint understanding as a team. Just think of the changes they’ll be able to implement together.
  • It’s a fantastic opportunity to bring your employees closer together while also integrating with the global Ministry of Testing Community.
  • Stay connected and share ideas with the famous 99-Second Talks, Ask Me Anything, blogs and chats.
  • The team can hold discussions and retrospectives remotely.
  • Your team will have access to all the recordings post-event. They’ll get to recap on what they’ve seen, catch up on anything they missed, have meetings to discuss what they want to implement, adjust and change how they work and report back to you on their learnings. 

Tickets for TestBash Home are £49 per person.

If you have a large team and would be looking to bulk buy a large number of tickets, get in touch with us on

So what are you waiting for?

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