Could you be our new EditorBoss?
11th May 2020

Over the past few years, the articles that you read on the Ministry of Testing have been wonderfully edited and cared for by our current super talented EditorBoss Melissa Eaden. She’s done an amazing job balancing her own work-life with the EditorBoss role to help our authors create insightful and valuable articles. Not only is Mel an excellent editor but she’s also a first-class tester, speaker and instructor. It’s because of her success as a tester that she has had to step away from the EditorBoss role to focus on her testing work.

We're very sorry to see Melissa go and wish her all the best luck in the world! However, this now means we're on the lookout for a new EditorBoss! Could this be you?

What does the EditorBoss role entail?

In a nutshell, the EditorBoss helps support our testing community to create and share the amazing stories and learning experiences they have with everyone. This includes:

  • Reviewing new article submissions to determine which we will publish and give feedback to the others to help them submit again in the future
  • Supporting authors in crafting their work, suggesting resources and encouraging authors to dig deeper
  • Editing articles for grammar and spelling
  • Supporting and celebrating the work of our authors to help them grow as writers

You will be paid for your work on an article by article basis, which means the workload can fluctuate depending on what articles have been submitted. However, as Ministry of Testing grows, we’re seeing an increase in article submissions with an average of four articles released per month, so we’re confident there will be lots to do in the future!

What are we looking for in an EditorBoss?

We’re looking for someone that can cross the divide between editing and testing. Our ideal person is:

  • Someone who has a strong knowledge of the craft of testing to help them understand what our authors are writing about, and suggest ways to improve their articles
  • Someone who is confident with the English language and can provide suggestions and edits around grammar, spelling and structure.

Get in touch if you want to be our EditorBoss!

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, then please get in touch with Mark our DojoBoss at for a chat.